Why Alibaba Investors Are Worried, Very Worried, Going Into Earnings

24/7 Wall St.

alibabarockAlibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) is set to report earnings on Thursday. Trying to second guess earnings ahead of time from a relatively new company, particularly a large Chinese company, is no smart effort. Still, investors are acting scared ahead of Alibaba’s report.

Alibaba reports its fiscal fourth-quarter results on Thursday, and the consensus estimates were $0.43 in earnings per share (EPS) and $2.78 billion in revenue just at the end of last week. Those consensus estimates have now stayed static on revenue but the EPS forecast is down one cent to $0.42 per share.

One thing to consider is that the EPS estimate for this coming quarter was as high as $0.46 just 60 days ago. The consensus estimate of $2.79 in EPS for fiscal March 2016 is down from $2.86 just 60 days ago. That is not a massive drop for an earnings expectation consensus, but this…

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